How to check the authenticity of wireless Qi authentication?

May. 22,2019

How to check the authenticity of wireless Qi authentication?

My product has passed Qi certification, how can I check it?

I am a consumer. How do I know that those products have passed the Qi certification?

What information will there be on the Qi certificate?

What are the advantages of passing Qi certification?

Don't worry, and listen to Kate to explain to you!

1: can use the Qi logo. The Qi logo can only be used for Qi certified products. The logo and "Qi" are registered trademarks of the Radio Union in most countries. The use of these trademarks requires a trademark license. Products with the Qi logo implicitly claim that it is Qi certified. The Qi logo (name "chee") can only be used if the product file and the advertised product are only registered in the Qi certified product database. When the database exactly matches the brand name, product name and model number, the product is authorized to use the trademark.

2: Have a registration certificate. The Radio Union issues certificates to Qi-certified products. Such a certificate is true only if the URL encoded in the certificate takes you to a page on our website that displays the same product. Many buyer purchasers will require the supplier to provide a certificate of registration of the Qi certificate to prove that the product has passed all mandatory tests. If we have already passed Qi certification, of course we will have more markets.

3: Verify that the product is in the online Qi certification product database The Qi certification product database contains a list of Qi certified products. If you are not sure if the product is certified, you can check the database to get an exact match for the brand name, product name and type number.

I hope that the above content can help you purchase genuine QI wireless.

We will update a series QI knowdge recently.



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