Knowledge related to Apple MFi data cable

Apr. 6,2022

Knowledge related to Apple MFi data cable

1. The damage of most of the original data cables is caused by the aging of the outer covering materials. During use, the sweat and oil stains on our hands will corrode the data cables and cause the materials to age. Usually, a damp soft cloth can be used. Clean the thread body. Remember not to use organic solvents such as alcohol for cleaning. 

 2. When plugging and unplugging, you should hold the plastic protective cover of the Lightning connector to plug and unplug the data cable. Many people will directly pull the cable body for convenience. This may not only damage the data cable due to the concentration of force, but also may damage the data cable. The Lightning port of the phone. 

 3. There is no problem in making calls and checking notifications during charging. However, charging and using the mobile phone will make the mobile phone hot. The superposition of the two kinds of heat will produce high temperature, which may double the heat of the battery, thereby affecting the battery life. 

 4. When charging, the electromagnetic radiation level will not change. The battery radiation intensity of the mobile phone is only related to the signal. There are very strict regulations on the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones at home and abroad. Even at the maximum transmission power, it must be controlled within the standard. . 

 5. MFi certificationApple MFi certification is the English abbreviation of "Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad", which has complex procedures and standards.According to the description on Apple's official website: Apple recommends using only Apple-certified and MFi-marked accessories. If you use counterfeit or uncertified Lightning accessories, you may encounter the following problems: 

 ● Your iOS device may be damaged; 

 ● The connecting line may be easily damaged; 

 ● The connector end may fall off, generate abnormal heat, or may not be properly connected to the device; 

 ● It may not be possible to sync or charge the device. 

 As an Apple MFi authorized factory, Trangjan meets Apple's factory audit qualification, and the quality of the MFi data cable can stand the test!

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