2 Coils Pen Container Quickly Charging Wilreless Charger

2 Coils Pen Container Quickly Charging Wilreless Charger

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Product Model :021-FC21
Products Name :2 Coils Pen Container Quicky Wireless Charger
Product Standard:Qi Standard
Input Voltage/Current:DC5V/2A,9V/1.8A
Charging Voltage/Current:Direct-Current 5V/1000mA Max
Charging frequency:110-205 KHz
Charging Distance :0~10mm
Color:Black Color
Scope of charging:2 coils, the mobilephone can be placed anywhere without charge dead Angle.
Type :Bracket type provides the best views
Compatible Model:Nokia Lumia 920/LG Nexus 4/5/6/7/Galaxy S6/S6 edge/ S6 edge plus/Galaxy Note5/Galaxy S7/S7 edge/
Galaxy S3/S4/S5/ Note2/Note3/Note4/ iPhone5/5s/5c/6/6s/6plus/6splus with receiver case, ect.
Packing Dimension:121*115*40mm
Gross Weight(including packing):156g

Product List :

1.FC21 Launch plate x1PCS.

2.Micro USB Cable x 1pc (1.5M for Power&Sync).

3. User Manual x1PCS

4. Retail Packaging x1PCS

Warm Prompt :


Fast wireless charging should be equipped with quickly charging wall adaptor to realize it's quick charge function and support quick charge wireless charging, at the same time compatible with 5W wireless charger. The current market supports fast wireless chargeing cellphone models: Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Smasung Galaxy S6 Edge +