UV disinfection charging box

UV disinfection charging box

Dimensions 210MM *105MM*40MM
Disinfection space 170MM *85MM*25MM
power input 5V 2A
input interface Type C
Disinfection power 5W
Lamp specifications UVC 5*120U tube without ozone, 254 nm, large irradiation area, non-toxic
Disinfection time 2 minutes
Wireless charging power 10W
Wired charging power 18W
power Bank 4000mA

UV disinfection box,Wireless + wired charging

Disinfection" treasure box,what to worry about, what to disinfect!

Dual UVC lamps, C-band disinfection

LED indicator, charging + disinfection

Wireless fast charging, fast charging does not hurt the machine!

The magnetic cover is closed, safe and not leaked!

Safe without UV leakage!