What is the difference between the cable cat5e and cat6?

Mar. 13,2018

What is the difference between the cable cat5e and cat6?

Cat-5 means ultra -5 double stranded wire, which is a network cable, including four pairs of pure copper or copper alloy without shielding double stranded wires with rj-45 connectors.

 It supports up to 100MHz and speeds up to 1000Mbps. It is used in ATM, power standard ring network, 1000base-t, 100base-t, and 10base-t network. 

The "five categories" are generally used for home networking.

 Cat-6 means ultra - six pairs of twisted pairs, and the various parameters of super - six double stranded wires have been greatly improved, and the transmission frequency has also been extended to 250MHz or higher. 

Six kind of twisted pair in shape and structure with five classes or super 5 kinds of twisted pair has certain difference, not only increased the cross the skeleton of the insulation, the four pairs of line of twisted pair separately under cross skeleton four grooves, and the diameter of the cable is thicker.The "six classes" are mainly used for data transmission between switches, routers and computer sockets.


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