Wireless Chargers Of Trangjan Product Live Streaming

Mar. 25,2021

Wireless Chargers Of Trangjan Product Live Streaming

Wireless Chargers Of Trangjan Product Live Streaming

How much do you know about wireless charging? Safe, convenient, and high charging efficiency? Yes, these are its advantages. What kind of mobile phones are you using? Apple, Huawei, Samsung Or any others? It doesn't matter, any ones are suitable. Welcome to the wireless chargers of  our Trangjan product live streaming in March. At that time, we will unveil the mystery of wireless charging and let you enjoy the audio-visual feast without leaving home. The live broadcast details are as follows:

Broadcasting time: 0:00 a.m. (Beijing time) on March 27, 2021, and 9:00 a.m. (Pacific time) on March 26, 2021.

In this live broadcast, we will show several hot-selling wireless charging products. Everyone is welcomed to watch and interact with us on time. There will be provided with surprising gifts.

For the convenience of our friends, we have also opened multi-channel and multi-platform simultaneous live broadcast. You can scan the QR code in our picture and watch it on any platforms such as Alibaba International Station, 1688, Facebook, Tiktok, Kuaishou, WeChat, etc.

Looking forward to your arrival!

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