Electroluminescent cable

Sept. 3,2018

Electroluminescent cable

The currently popular electroluminescent cable is a technology called EL (Electroluminescent Light), so it is also called EL cold light. This cable reduces power consumption when charging and data. The most important of these is the incorporation of visible charging current, which glows as the device begins to charge.

1, Advantage:

Efficient transmission, beautiful, energy saving, environmental protection

When charging, it flows like water.

Uniform electroluminescent at all angles, a variety of colors

The material is soft, foldable and bendable, and free knotting does not affect the lighting performance. The charging data can be synchronized.

2, Colour

White wire is blue,green and purple light;Black wire is blue,purple,and green light;Pink wire is white light, etc.

3, Types:

Round cable

Flat cable

4, Length:


5, Function

Input: 4.8-5.25V / 2.1A 

output: 4.8V-5.25V 2.1A

Recently, our company has developed several kinds of illuminating data lines. The main colors are blue and purple. We support Micro, Type C and Iphone. Welcome our consumers send email or inqury to me, and you can link text . The product picture is as follows:

Electroluminescent cable

Electroluminescent cable

Electroluminescent cable

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