how to change your data longer life time

Apr. 28,2018

how to change your data longer life time

Mobile phone data lines have been used for a long time, and cracks and breakages are likely to occur at the interface. Qiu Yan, a mobile phone sales and maintenance professional in the city, introduced two small methods to better protect data lines and extend the service life of data lines.

Method one: buy a heat-shrinkable tube, cut a small section about three or four centimeters, and put it into one end of the data cable, slowly bake it with a lighter and shrink it until it tightly wraps the data cable, but don't overheat it. Use the same method to protect the other end of the data cable.

Method two: Remove the spring from the ballpoint pen and loosen the spring. Slowly place the spring on one end of the data line until the entire spring is wrapped around the data line and the rotation spring is fixed. The other side operates the same way. The spring itself has spring force, and the data line will not be bent and broken as before, and the service life can be extended.

From: Denise Wang

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