How to customized your cable?

May. 31,2018

How to customized your cable?

A lot of friends will think that data cable customization is a complicated and troublesome thing. Once a customer had customized a fashion data cable at our factory, when confirming the specifications, because the materials in the data cable were not well understood, After talking to the salesman for a long time, there was no result. After a detailed explanation, it was slowly confirmed. In fact, the customization of the data line is not so complicated. We can clarify the following points for you. Basically, you can clearly understand the cable customization.

1, product specifications, product length, plug requirements, wire structure.

2, when the product information is not very thorough, if you have a sample on hand, then you can express your sample to our customer service specialist, we will evaluate your sample, report to you a reasonable price.

3. The amount of product used, and the amount of raw material purchased is an important measure of product cost, so the number of products you need will also be an important indicator of the pricing of your product.

4. In the case of unclear product specifications and other information, only know the product name, length, plug name and specific use. After knowing this information, the data cable manufacturer will inform you of the material specifications that you can select with professional product knowledge. The assessment gives you a reasonable price.

From: Denise Wang

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