Lantern Festival

Feb. 28,2018

Lantern Festival

"A song of spring like a sea, thousands of lights night seems like daylight." The annual Lantern Festival is approaching, colorful, happy event, everyone laughs. The lunar January fifteen is the Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan, Yuan-night, Lantern Festival.

The Lantern Festival was originally intended as "the evening of the Shang Yuan Festival". The main activity of the "Shang Yuan Festival" on the 15th day of the first month was the celebration of the "Lantern Festival". It symbolized the round and harmonious coexistence of the masses. On the night of the Lantern Festival, the streets and lanes are full of colors, people enjoy the lights, guess the riddles and eat the Lantern Festival. They push the celebrations extended from the New Year's Eve to another climax and become the customs of generations.

Spring Festival is closed from the New Year's Eve to keep the old, to the Lantern Festival, is a people continue to expand the scope of activities, interpersonal relationships continue to be expanded. The first day of the new year to parents, the first two back to her new year. After the gradual expansion of the New Year's range to the general relatives and friends. During this period, people's activities are limited to acquaintances. The fifth day is broken five, farm work can begin dry, the store can open the door. During this time, the society started to work normally. By the fifteenth day of the lunar January, all members of society, regardless of age, sex, age and gender, have joined the festival. Therefore, the Lantern Festival has the significance of confirming the relationship among all members of the community, including each other, which they do not know.

Nowadays, each ethnic group in each region has its own way of celebrating the Lantern Festival because of its unique customs. Even if the ever-changing, the Lantern Festival can not be changed is its invisible revealed cultural value, historical value and economic value.

From: Anna Yan

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