The affect with a low quality data cable

Apr. 28,2018

The affect with a low quality data cable

1. Slow charging

One hour to reach 50% power? Or do you charge 10% for 5 hours? To see if the charge performance of a charging line is powerful, it depends on the input and output voltages and voltage drops when loading the current. In other words, it depends on how much the power is when the current passes through the charging line, how much the loss is, and the loss is related to the line. The impedance of the core is related. At present, some low-quality charging lines in the market have extremely unstable currents and are prone to consume battery life of mobile phones.

2. Slow transmission

Some people think that the length of the data line will affect the transmission rate. In fact, in a certain length range, qualified data lines do not have a great impact on the transmission speed. Most of the low-quality charging lines in the market have only 2 cores, while the excellent data lines use 4-core copper cables. Supports data transmission and charging.

3. The thread breaks and breaks

This point does not need too much comment, but those who have used low-quality data lines must be sympathetic to the people, broken lines, there are many reasons for the fracture, such as the poor quality of line material, core overheating, repeated plugging and rewinding and long time and so on. When purchasing, it's best to choose some fine craftsmanship. Some excellent data lines use braided mesh wrapping, tin-plated high-purity copper cores with foil shields, which greatly reduce heat loss while increasing charging and data rates.

From:Denise Wang

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