The USB Type-C interface has six advantages

Mar. 28,2022

The USB Type-C interface has six advantages

1) Full function: support data, audio, video and charging at the same time, laying the foundation for high-speed data, digital audio, high-definition video, fast charging, and multi-device sharing, and one cable can replace multiple cables before;  

2) Front and back plug: Similar to Apple Lighting interface, the front and back of the port are the same, and the front and back plugs are supported;   

3) Two-way transmission: data and electricity can be transmitted in both directions;   

4) Backward compatibility: through the adapter, it can be compatible with USB Type A, Micro B and other interfaces;  

5) Small size: the interface size is 8.3mm X 2.5mm, which is about 1/3 of the USB-A interface;  

6) High speed: Compatible with USB 3.1 protocol can support up to 10Gb/s data transfer.

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