Trangjan 2019 Outstanding Employees Recognition Conference

Jan. 16,2020

Trangjan 2019 Outstanding Employees Recognition Conference

          At 19:00 on the night of January 9th, the interior of Star Heart Hotel is bright with lights, laughter, and a happy and peaceful atmosphere. Tonight's Chuangguan Factory will host the 2019 Outstanding Staff Commendation Conference here.

           In order to set a good example for employees, encourage employees to keep making progress, and promote the positive appearance of the employees who created the crown, each department selected 9 outstanding employees of the year after screening in December. They were: Xiuli, Zhou Xiaoyue, Huang Donghong, Zhang Guangchao, Lin Daojun, Chen Wangsheng, the selected outstanding employees were commendable in a company-wide announcement in December, and at the same time were promoted to the first class in the salary level. .

Nine outstanding employees come from different departments and different positions. They are innovative and enterprising, dedicated to the job, dedicating to their duties, and dedication of outstanding employees. They serve the front line with good professionalism and solid work technology, and are rigorous and pragmatic. His work attitude, his own practical job responsibilities, and the outstanding completion of his own work have become the benchmark for each team's learning.

Trangjan 2019 Outstanding Employees Recognition Conference

          At the commendation meeting, the general manager Chen Chuangxin presented honorary certificates and trophies to all outstanding employees.

          One hard work, one harvest, and hard planting must be fruitful. They must have worked hard at the same time as they harvested. 2020 is coming as promised. This will be a challenging year. It will continue to innovate and achieve great results. One year, let us work together to help each other, and we hope that more outstanding employees will emerge in 2020 to add a new glory to the crown.

Author: Shirley

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